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Cycle London guide book

Cycle London

The Cycle London guide book is a  collection of 20 rides featuring all of London’s must-visit attractions.

Cycle London has 20 unique routes designed to help you make the most out of this iconic city.

Each ride is built around a theme, such as

  • the best art galleries to see some incredible works
  • great markets to treat yourself to some eclectic purchases
  • the tastiest food
  • the city’s most famous and picturesque parks.

There’s even a ride that will take someone who only has 12 hours in the city to all the iconic attractions you will have seen in films and books.

Every ride comes with a map to help you get your bearings, as well as links to detailed maps that can be downloaded to smartphones to make sure you know exactly where you’re going when on the move.

Cycle London - sample page - the Royal Ride

The routes can be adapted to suit your requirements. So if you’re a keen culture vulture who wants to take in a good sample of some of the best museums in a day you can. If you just fancy visiting just two you can pick up the route wherever you fancy.

There are shorter rides for those who want to spend more time seeing the sites from the inside than the outside. There are  longer rides that mean the majority of your day will be spent taking in the city from a two-wheeled perspective.

Also included are interesting asides and insider tips from the locals. Also read stories designed to help you make the most of your visit, as well as practical advice on what to expect from cycling on London’s famous streets.

Cycle London guide book

Author: Dominic Bliss
No of Pages: 144
Page Size: 123 x 186 mm
ISBN 10: 1909313394
ISBN 13: 9781909313392
Publisher: Dog ‘n’ Bone
Published Date: October 2014
Edition: 1st ed, October 2014
Binding: Paperback
Illustrations: 50 illustrations and drawn maps
Weight: 250g

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