Edinburgh Cycle Map


Detailed cycle map of Edinburgh, produced by Spokes, the local cycle campaign

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Edinburgh Cycle Map

by Spokes, the Lothian Cycle Campaign

Edinburgh Cycle Map - SpokesThe Edinburgh Cycle Map from Spokes is a highly detailed map showing off-road paths and cycle lanes in and around Scotland’s capital city.

It marks quiet roads, links, crossings, as well as steep hills, cobbles and hazards.

National Cycle Network routes are shown, including NCN Route 1, the Coast and Castles South route, plus NCN Routes 75 and 76.

The main map is 4.1″ to the mile, while on the reverse are maps of

  • The City Centre
  • Around Edinburgh
  • Edinburgh to Glasgow and Around the Forth
  • The Borders.

Edinburgh Cycle Map - Spokes

The map is printed on tear-proof and water-resistant recyclable polyethylene.

Edinburgh Cycle Map

  • Published by Spokes, the Lothian Cycle Campaign
  • Updated 2019

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