Family Cycling, by Carlton Reid, Snowbooks Ltd

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Family cycling

Family Cycling, by Carlton Reid, Snowbooks Ltd
Family cycling

Family cycling is the latest aspect of cycling to enjoy a boom. More and more families are using cycling as a way to spend time together, to relax, exercise, stay fit and bond.

Sample chapters include:

1. Why cycle? Green and lean. Fast and fun.*

2. Tots awheel: carting babies and toddlers *

3. Wobble and scoot: learning to ride, fail-safe techniques for budding bikers *

4. Fine Balancing Act: children with special needs *

5. Girl power: getting more girls on bikes *

6. Cotton wool cycling: when is protective gear necessary? *

7. Safety first: ride on the road. Bikeability basics. (Cycle paths aren’t always as safe as you’d think…) *

8. Happy families: cycling, it’s a group-hug thing, social glue *

9. Have bike, will travel: the how to and why to of cycle touring for juniors *

10. Fast sprogs: racing and competing, BMX, MTB, road and track *

11. Trick pix: photo technique guides on how to pull a bunny hop, ride no-handed, solo on a unicycle, pop wheelies, and jump Ollies *

12. Swiss Army Biking: utility cycling. To school. For life. *

13. Cycling in schools: putting bikes on the curriculum *

14. Not just for Christmas: buying the perfect bike for your child and how much to spend.

PLUS: bike fit for kids, no more ‘he’ll grow into it.’ *

15. Dirty hands: basic cycle maintenance tricks every kid should know *

16. Further reading: from Miffy’s Bicycle to Mike on a Bike, get kids hooked on bike books