Mallorca Cycle Route Map


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Mallorca Cycle Route Map

Mallorca Cycle Route MapThe Mallorca Cycle Route Map is a folded map: weather-proof, tear-proof, with tour suggestions. In full colour, it has each side of the island on each side of the map at a scale of 1:100,000.

Mallorca is a true cyclist’s paradise with numerous cycling routes. The map shows routes and route tours of varying difficulty. The four -language map also relates rules on wearing a helmet, signage and attractions.

Mallorca Cycle Route Map

Mallorca Cycle Route Map

Publisher: Public Press
Published Date: January 2010
Binding: Sheet map (folded)
Weight: 70g

Ideas for cycle routes in Mallorca, with bike hire etc: “About cycling in Mallorca – The perfect cycle training ground

Mallorca’s mild winters, the intense light and colour that pervades the spring, and the pleasant temperatures all year round make it ideal for active visitors.

Majorca offers some of the most impressive, demanding and leisurely rides that makes the island a popular destination right through from amateur to professional cyclist. The rises and falls of the Tramuntana mountains make the perfect cycle playground for those wanting to test their strength against Majorca’s mountain range that stretches the whole west side of the island…Go to their website for more information. 

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