Reivers Off-road and On-Road Cycle Routes Map

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Reivers Off-road and On-Road Cycle Routes Map

On-road and off-road routes from Tynemouth to Maryport

Reivers Off-road and On-Road Cycle Routes Map


The Reivers Off-road and On-Road Cycle Routes Map shows two long distance intertwining signed / waymarked bi-directional ‘coast to coast’ cycle routes between the North Sea and the Irish Sea.

The original Reivers Cycle Route was created in 1998 eventually becoming NCN Route 10 with interlinking on road and off-road sections but this soon morphed into a one-size-fits-all route which never worked well.

The regenerated re-launched Reivers Cycle Routes are two intertwining route options – one which is as much off-road as possible suitable for gravel and cross bikes, hybrids and mountain bikes and a version designed for capable road cyclists which is 100% on tarmac.

Reivers Cycle Route Maps - Northern Heritage - eastern side
Reivers Cycle Route Map – Northern Heritage – eastern side

The routes are bi-directional between Maryport in Cumbria and Tynemouth on the North Sea Coast. Whilst this route shows the alignments in a westbound direction, both directions continuously reward the rider with fine views.

There is constantly changing terrain, provide many places of interest to pass by or call in. There are also many lovely villages and quiet hamlets to cycle through or stay the night in.

Most importantly, there is a supply of excellent on route or close-to-route refreshments stops.

The routes include quiet and unspoilt sections of Northumberland and Cumbria. This is a great way to see them.

You can read more here about the Reivers Route.

Reivers Off-road and On-Road Cycle Routes Map

Size: 70 x 77 mm
ISBN 10: 0995748594
ISBN 13: 9780995748590
Publisher: Northern Heritage
Published Date: June 2019
Edition: 1st ed, June 2019
Binding: Waterproof map (folded)
Weight: 60g

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