Trans Pennine Trail East map

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This is map 3 of 3 of the official Trans Pennine Trail map set, leading you from west Yorkshire to the North Sea at Hornsea.

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The Trans Pennine Trail East map

Yorkshire to the North Sea

Map 3 of 3 of the official map series


Trans Pennine Trail East map

The Trans Pennine Trail East map links Barnsley, Doncaster, Selby, Hull with Hornsea on the North Sea. There is a separate route to York.

Trans Pennine East map - example

This is the first long distance multi-user trail in the UK. Currently available in its entire length for walkers & cyclists, selected sections are already suitable for horse riders & wheelchair users.

This map covers the Eastern Section of the Trans Pennine Trail, from the mid-point of the Trail at Old Moor Wetland Centre, near Barnsley to the great port of Kingston upon Hull and on to the seaside town of Hornsea. This map also covers the northern extension from Selby to York and shows a walking, cycling and (where available) horse riding route.

* Route: RSPB Old Moor, Barnsley to Hornsea (via Selby and Hull). Plus the Selby to York link

* Distance: 107 miles. plus 15 miles on the York-Selby link. Much of the Trail is traffic-free.

* Scale: 1:50,000

From Southport to Hornsea, this west-east journey covers 215 miles and there are linked trails to extend access to 350 miles of trails.

Trans Pennine Trail East map

Author: Trans Pennine Trail Project
Page Size: 118 x 210 mm
ISBN 10: 0953227790
ISBN 13: 9780953227792
Publisher: Trans Pennine Trail Office
Edition: revised 2015
Binding: Sheet Map (folded) in wallet
Weight: 60g

Trans Pennine Route - West, Central and East
The whole route from the three maps

The Trans Pennine Trail Ultimate Guide Book by Richard Peace has detailed information and you can read more on the whole route here.

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