Ordnance Survey Tour map range

OS Tour Maps

Ordnance Survey - Devon & Somerset West Tour Map

Ordnance Survey Tour Maps

We stock the OS Tour Maps series for cyclists.

They are very good for organising long distance rides around an area, for example if you are going on a tour.

Scales vary according to how large an area they are covering, eg Devon and Somerset West is 1:130,000, while North and Mid Wales is 1:175,000.

They are quite big maps when you open them out, which can be a disadvantage on a windy day, and they just use shading to show height, but the roads are very clear. They are good for planning, and I have been known to cut one up and use part of it! 

Conclusion: at the price, very well worth it, but I would also buy another smaller map to go with it!

You can find the OS Tour Maps in the shop. Or order below:

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