Devon cycle route maps and guide books

We have a wide range of maps and guide books for bike routes in Devon, with plenty of information in our Cycling in Devon blog post.

The maps include two Goldeneye cycle maps, which are waterproof and show suggested cycle routes around Dartmoor and South Devon, and Exmoor and North Devon.

Goldeneye also have a very good map showing mountain bike routes across Dartmoor.

Harvey have a really excellent map, again on waterproof paper, this one showing very clearly cycle routes across and around Dartmoor. Highly recommended if you are in the Dartmoor area, but it does not go as far as the coasts.

The Devon Coast to Coast cycle route also has an official guide book from Excellent Books, and written by Richard Peace.

All good!

There is more information on these and other routes and maps in the Cycling in Devon blog post.

For non-cycling guide books and maps, plus novels and other books set in Devon, see our sister website, Devon in Books, .

The Devon cycle route maps and guide books:

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Showing all 10 results